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Just giving you a heads up - every now and then (ok especially when Facebook memories shows up) I'm going to post thoughts, memories and experiences about our homeschooling journey. But is there something that you'd like to know more specifically about? If you've found yourself here, chances are it's because you've found our templates bundle OR through something like the awesome Australian Homeschool Summit. If that's the case, drop in the comments something YOU'D like to hear from me about. In the meantime, here is a random thought.

Back when we first started thinking about homeschooling, it was 2008. I wish back then I'd known just how much I'd change. Yep not talking about the kids or Brett (hot hubby) here.

Just me. Homeschooling has helped me know myself SO much more. How is that possible? Well it took years and it was BECAUSE of the mundanity of life that I was forced to understand things more like WHY I was doing what I was doing, how I could try to recharge my batteries and how to NOT burn out! I had to press into God in new and deeper ways and I had to really learn to prioritise my activities to make the most of my time. Has it been easy? Uh-uh! Far from it but it has been SO worth it. I'm still a work in progress but I'm grateful for the changes in my life that have really helped me grow in a more holistic way.

And you? Have you changed since homeschooling?

Big love,

Lusi x

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