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Over the last couple of years, I've written about lots of different homeschooling topics on this blog and in a couple of other places too. So in order to save you time searching, I thought I would create one blog post that linked you back to posts.

So here it is!

Homeschooling FAQ or most asked about topics:

* Socialisation and HERE

* Homeschooling with pre-schoolers and HERE and HERE

* Interest-led homeschooling and HERE and HERE

* Record keeping and HERE and HERE and HERE and HERE

* Homeschooling Neurodiverse Kids

* A Day in the Life 2023 and 2022

* Homeschooling with Chronic Illnesses and HERE and HERE and HERE

Podcast on Homeschooling Through Life's Challenges HERE with the amazing Kelly from Fearless Homeschool and accompanying FREEBIES PDF HERE.

I'll add a little more when I get a chance. Hugs friends, Lusi x

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