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This year has been hard but good: both for a number of reasons. I won't go into all of them here and now but I know this blog has been a little on the quiet side so thought I'd give it a little update. x

I'm taking time to work on passion projects that I've not the time or energy before to work on. Producing a play is a MASSIVE undertaking! So that has meant I've been online less with less time to blog but I'm still here.

I'm still learning alongside my kiddos and we are going well.

A dear friend of mine had booked a weekend stay out near Jenolan Caves but unfortunately couldn't go as her kiddos were sick, so she blessed us with the accommodation. Thanks again Ish. We were able to book in to take the kids on a caves tour which we had never done before. It was amazing. My mum stayed at Caves House as a kid and I remember her telling me about that. It's such a beautiful place.

Family time (missed our 3 biggest kiddos of course but they have their own lives of course now with work and other commitments). We went on a walk (that would have been impossible for me a few years ago. I'm so glad to be more stable right now health-wise).

And of course we learned lots about the formation of stalgtites and stalagmites, underground rivers and other fascinating things to do with caves.

We finally finished our Annie read aloud and celebrated with a special tea time celebration and 'Last Chapter Dress Up' as we have done before. And of course we watched the movie!

While Zeeki played his first ever basketball semi-final, my big boys versed each other in their grand final! 10 year challenge photos!!!

We've enjoyed some live theatre and music, Zippi had been sewing up a storm and Zeeki has been building more Lego creations. We've relied on our Story of the World rhythm, math antics videos and worksheets and other read alouds too.

Hope you have been enjoying life too, keeping well and learning lots alongside your kiddos.

More another time, Lusi x

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27. dec. 2023

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Synes godt om

Jenny Hanson
Jenny Hanson
19. jul. 2023

Loved Come From Away, such an emotional experience

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