Hi! Welcome!

Hi! I'm Lusi and I'm so glad you have found us here. I'm a long-term homeschooler (in our 12th year right now) of five awesome kiddos. I'm married to my bestie and together we have been learning at home. We are a rural-dwelling neurodiverse family (meaning we have lots of different diagnoses including people who are autistic, have ADHD, ODD, SPD, dyselxia, inattentive ADHD and other medical and mental health needs). I am neurotypical person and so can speak only from this place.

We are eclectic homeschoolers which means we use a variety of styles to suit us in our learning journey. We see that value in learning in EVERYDAY moments. We value connection, character building and delight-directed learning. 

I hope you are able to settle in with a cuppa and find some helpful links and info here that may encourage your heart. I am a Messianic Christian and sometimes speak from that place. I am also a working musician and love an eclectic style of music (don't hold that against me ok?!), I also love making things from scratch and eating dark stevia chocolate.

Feel free to email me at: hello.thathomeschoollife@gmail.com