Homeschooling Record Keeping (from the Queen of Procrastination)

I remember that when we first started looking at homeschooling as a real option for our family to explore, I was overwhelmed by just thinking about record keeping.

When it came to anything homeschool related, the only point of reference I had was my own experience of traditional school. I'd never known anyone homeschooled nor seen it in action until right before we began.

I read through the Board of Studies documents online in the Homeschooling Unit website and I read about record keeping as part of the registration process. I thought about how disciplined I planned to be once we began. I would allow for time each and every night to write in a big journal about all that had happened that day.

And then I started homeschooling. Bahahahaha.

Some people might be able to keep up a daily diary for record keeping but I know I just can't.

It's just not me.

And the more that I would tell myself that I had to do it, the further I would fall behind! Procrastination kicked in and before I knew it, it had been a good month since I'd written in that diary.

What to do?

Well at this point some people might have chucked out their diary altogether but I decided that the main thing was that I had a written record so I wouldn't forget what we'd gotten up to.

Even if it was after the fact.

Even if it was a whole month after the fact. Or two. Or three.

But how would I remember what we did do?

My memory has never been flash and I was worried that if I didn't record it in that moment I'd forget. Enter private Facebook albums. I set up albums (sometimes set so friends and family could see and other times just so I could) and I took photos of ALL THINGS LEARNING. If they cooked something, I took a photo and uploaded it to the album. If they created something, I snapped a photo. If we read from a book, I photographed the front cover and sometimes the chapter we were up to. You get the picture (pun intended ;) ) - I took snaps of everything.

I uploaded the snaps once or twice a week and organised them into months.

Then the only way I could make it something I wanted to do was to take myself off to a café, buy myself a yummy hot breakfast or delicious lunch and sit there journaling about what we'd been up to.

I would write a little subheading like this: 'Science: Stass researched the properties of various types of cells..."

I then highlighted each KLA and created a little colour key in the front of the diary.

Voila! Homeschool journaling done with a little café date that filled my cup.

There are multiple benefits to keeping journals like this:

* we now have a beautiful family memory-keepsake of our years learning, growing and changing together

* when I feel like we haven't 'done much' in the way of learning, I look back over these and our photos and remind myself that we actually HAVE!

* these are great work samples to show NESA for our registration purposes

So there you have it: a guide to homeschool record keeping from this queen of procrastination!

Happy learning,

Lusi x

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