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Updated: Aug 24, 2021

Preschool Play

Over the years we've almost always had a pre-schooler whilst also having older kids doing their homeschool activities. We don't anymore and I miss those days (mostly).

As a good guide, we would try and set the older kids up with an independent activity, while I did an activity with the little ones. Filling the little one's cups in the early part of the day definitely helped everyone.

So here are just SOME of the things we've done over the years that kept little preschool hands busy and minds engaged.


* planting

* baking

* washing toys in a bucket of soapy water

* puzzles

* threading things onto string

* stamping or gluing

* magnets

* making a pet rock

* dress ups

* memory matching card games

* playdough play

* block/train track building

* matching shapes

* matching card pictures

* nature play

* story stones

* singing songs & playing with instruments

* messy fun play (slime etc)

* spotting animals together on the golden book back cover


I believe that the MOST important thing for children of any age is RELATIONSHIP but how wonderful to know that and begin that in the preschool years. Yes, your pre-schooler will learn SO many skills like the ones mentioned on this page but what they really want to feel is what we ALL want too: they want to be seen and heard, they desire security, an identity and community. They seek this out by testing boundaries, wanting to be more independent but also by responding well to being included in family rituals, rhythms and industrious chores which give them a sense of ownership and connection to a bigger picture.

* eye hand coordination

* verbal communication

* following instructions

* fine motor skills

* listening

* shared delight and social interaction

* creativity

* sense of achievement

* self awareness

* confidence

* sequencing


* play skills

* imagination building

* problem solving skills

Keep those cuddles and that connection coming.

Happy learning, Lusi x

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