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Updated: Oct 23, 2022

So you've decided that a pre-packaged curriculum is not for you and you're going to have a go at putting together your own plan that suits your child's needs. Awesome! This post is for you if you're wanting to do this but are not quite sure where to start. We have featured most of these resources in our plans when we've register our kiddos to be homeschooled. (PS: Not sure about the registration process? Download my freebie on registration with quick links to each state registration body HERE).

CREATING YOUR OWN LEARNING PLAN (FOR NSW IN PARTICULAR BUT HELPFUL FOR OTHER STATES TOO) Creating a plan doesn't have to be too difficult or involved. 1. CREATE A WORD DOC & WRITE DOWN YOUR 'WHY' Open up a Word document and write a few introductory paragraphs about why you've decided to homeschool, a little about your child and some of the interests they have. Include the Stage or Year your child is in. 2. STAGE STAGEMENTS Next read, copy and paste the Stage Statements for the Stage your child is in for each KLA (key learning area or subject). Remember that for each stage there are 2 years of schooling starting with Early Stage 1. You can find this information HERE. 3. LINK TO THE STAGE OUTCOMES Underneath the stage statements you can copy the stage outcomes if you wish or you could include the link to the outcomes in your plan. 4. WRITE UP HOW YOU PLAN TO MEET THE STAGE STATEMENTS Next you'll want to show how you plan to cover to meet those stage statements. Basically you'll show the resources and educational experiences you'll help give your child access to. Your plan may change and that's ok but this is the place where you will write down what you are planning on using. You can be specific here including book titles, website names, educational courses, field trip/excursions, clubs they'll be a part of, etc. This post is to help you with some of these resources. SOME EASY GO-TO RESOURCES These are the kind of resources that lots of people (including us!) have enjoyed accessing regularly over our years of homeschooling. I also get asked about which resources we use often so I am sharing them here for you now and I hope you they will be of help to you. MATHS Cool Maths Shepherd Maths Prodigy Maths Math U See Free Resources (and of course Math U See curriculum) Khan Academy KidsKhan Academy for older kids SCIENCE AND TECHNLOGY Planet Warrior Education Science by Doing Nature Study Australia Crash Course Science Backyard Science Videos THL Science Week PDF Museum Tours Around the World Science and other games Code.orgMinecraft Education ENGLISH Littlescribe Brian P Cleary Read Alouds: A Practical How To Guide Nessy (particularly good for dyslexic kiddos) Our THL How to Engage Your Reluctant Writer ecourse Audible Great Poets Notebooking Pages BBC Dancemat Spelling City HISTORY/GEOGRAPHY Our Sunburnt CountryOur Sunburnt Country - Land of the Dreamtime Post by Seven Little Australians Story of the World (books and activity books) Book of Centuries Horrible Histories Crash Course Uncle Josh's Maps Google Earth Education GeocachingBack in Time for Dinner PD H PE Anatomy Colouring Book Human body lapbook Life Education Resources The Care and Keeping of You books CREATIVE ARTS Brilliant Kids Aus (brand ambassadors) Drawing Tutorials Mati and Dada Videos Art lessons Art For Kids Hub Art Lab for Kids book LANGUAGES Duolingo Rosetta Stone GENERAL RESOURCES: Local library Internet Podcasts Audio books 550+ THL printables Baking/Cooking Group activities List your child's favourite activities Garden Bushwalks Visiting local parks Writing letters/emails to friends Playing board games (list them)

I'll keep adding to this list as I think of more things that you might find useful. Just pick and choose and copy them into your Word doc. I hope this helps. Happy planning and would love to hear from you if you found this helpful.

Lusi x

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Nov 16, 2023

This is such a thorough post. Thank you

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