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Australian Homeschool Hub is a place for Australian homeschooling parents
Printables for all Australian homeschoolers. These can be custom made too for your child.
That Homeschool Life's platform Australian Homeschool Hub has its own Resource Library for homeschoolers

Q. Who?

A. If you are homeschooling a child in your care, then the Australian Homeschool Hub is for you! 

Q. Print or download limits?

Nope! There are no print or download limits which means this is perfect for families of all sizes! 

Q. Why join?

A. As a long-term homeschooling Mum, I share with you resource and activities that have helped me along the way and I share with you ones I have created myself. I wanted you to have a safe space for homeschoolers to gather online and find encouragement for their journey.

What do you get?

Access to HUNDREDS and HUNDREDS of pages of printables


Access to our Homeschool Hub Chat space

The ability to have printables designed FOR YOU


Ideas and activities linked to for quick lesson ideas

Lusi Austin long-time homeschooler with lived homeschooling experience - helping other Australian homeschooling families



Hi! I'm Lusi and if we haven't yet met, welcome! I am a passionate homeschooler and have been homeschooling my neurodivergent family for 14 years. We now have 3 graduates and 2 still at home learning each day. I love helping other homeschoolers.


My goal is to save you time, energy and money so you can spend as much time with your kiddos. I share what has worked for us over the years and give you access to ALL of my printables, courses and lesson ideas.


I've also created the Australian Homeschool Hub Chat...a space where we can chat about homeschooling and life in general. Surround yourself with other like-minded homeschoolers and get some encouragement and joy into you for this marathon ride of homeschooling!


I'm glad you are here.

Lusi x


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