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I ask that because I basically should have started this blog years ago.

Ok truth be told? I used to have a blog and I loved it. Maybe a little too much. It was in the early years of blogging and I feels like another life-time ago now. I had three little ones when I started and used to it as a way to feel connected with the scrapbooking community that I was SO into at that time. Circa 2005.

Man, so much in my life has changed since I first started blogging.

So much in my life has also changed since I started homeschooling back in 2009 and honestly, each time I'd think about starting up blogging again, I'd worry about where I'd start. I knew I couldn't go back to the start and the thought of having to try and recap those years was frankly, exhausting. So I'm not going to try and fill you in on every detail of the past 12 years of our homeschooling journey. Instead, I'm going to treat this as a kind of retrospective experience in some ways. As memories and ideas come to me, I'm going to share them.

No more putting this off. Website is now up and running and with this first post, so is the blog.

*Waving* This is me ;)

As a way of introducing myself, I'll say a few little things about me: I've been married to awesome bestie (who still makes my heart skip a beat!) nearly 20 years (at the end of this year). We have 5 kiddos currently ages 18, 16, 15, 11 and 8. The eldest 2 are now fulltime UNI students/completing a traineeship respectively, the last 3 are still being homeschooled. Our family is neurodivergent and I am neurotypical trying to deal with the effects of Ross River Virus last year. I'm a musician by trade and this year am presenting a couple of workshops at the #australianhomeschoolsummit . I have a bi-racial background, love hanging out with our fam bam and am a Messianic Christian (so full disclosure there will be some faith based posts from time to time - please don't let that deter you if you're not a fan of God, we can peacefully agree to disagree and still learn from one another). I love dark stevia chocolate, solitude in nature (craving this more and more the older I get) and bliss out when I am performing. I recently put out an EP which was a thrill to do. So there you go. That's enough for now.

Drop in the comments a little about yourself! I'd love to *meet* you!

Big love,

Lusi x

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OMGoodness!!! Now I feel like a stalker 😂. I used to scrapbook as well, yes back around circa 2005, I was in the Scrapboxx forum mainly and I’m still friends with many from there. I think I met Nat M though there as well and sent her a homemade red Xmas tree ornament when the call went out that she needed extra love and support (I think that was for Nat?!?!). Such a small world in the grand scheme of things. Sending love and blessings xxx

Me gusta
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