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In the past 8 weeks since Zippi's Type 1 Diabetes diagnosis, we have had quite a bit going on.

Some days you think you aren't doing much, but when you stand back and look at things over a few days or a few weeks or even a few months, you can see that you DO actually do lots of things! So, in this post I thought I'd just share a few examples in words and photos of some of the things we have been up to since Zippi's diagnosis in mid March.

We of course had a week in hospital and had A LOT of information to take in.

We've adjusted to lots of new technology, to learning about calculating carb exchanges and lower carb alternatives, some natural sugar alternatives and lots of other things too.

Zeeki took photos on the Box Brownie from 1911 and we had the film developed (only a half of a photo turned out but we still loved it as an experiment!) We made a little video of it together HERE.

We learned about steam boats being invented and Zeeki put a kit together. He tried it out in the bath and it worked.

The kids also played board games like Organ Attack and completed a few Kiwico kits together too.

Chores continued on :)

We had our Registration Renewal for homeschooling and were granted another 2 years.

Books were read for interest's sake.

We learned about calculating the area of 3D shapes.

We baked mini Australia maps and decorated them with icing (stevia/gf!) after putting together their Australia map puzzle.

We planted in the garden (an annual Resurrection Sunday/ First Fruits tradition) as a family.

We took a ride on a train in a carriage that was over 100 years old!

We had the THL retreat which was amazing (read THIS if you missed it!).

Our family celebrated Passover, the Feast of Unleavened Bread (which lasted a week) and the Feast of First Fruits together.

We celebrated Zippi's 14th birthday with family visiting, enjoying lots of special meals and time together.

She made a special blue dress for the occasion from thrifted materials - so we had a little photo shoot to capture it ;)

We commemorated ANZAC Day and especially remembered our old mate Keithy as we laid the wreath in honour of the Korean War veterans.

We have had several dog training sessions which has been really interesting and helpful.

The kids have attended a few community clinics and events (including events for youth week that they were involved in).

My first Kickstarter campaign for my play Intertwined was a success which I am so grateful for.

We've had some catch ups with a few lovely friends (B & W) along with The Chambers', Rach, Jen, Kel, Bec and others I didn't get photos with!

We drove to our nearest city so that Zip could buy her overlocker and so we could visit a museum. We made a little short about it HERE.

We've made lots of yummy foods to eat together (finding ones that are friendly for coeliacs and diabetics!)

The girls attended their first ever pottery class (Stassi took these photos below):

Zeeki made some more amazing Lego creations.

We've learned about the gold rush and have started and finished some read alouds.

We enjoyed poetry tea time under the falling leaves of the liquidambar tree.

We have watched videos and looked at photos of our family in Fiji performing a wesi (spear dance) and meke (special clapping and singing) for the Prime Minister of Fiji recently.

We have spent time with Nan and Sull (my SIL) and enjoyed time together in an old-world town.

Zeeki played his first game of B Grade basketball on a proper team and was so pumped about it!

Zippi made more amazing textiles creations.

I've run out of steam to share more photos but a few others things we've done: We've prayed, we read devotions most day about Ezra and Nehemiah and the rebuilding of the Second Temple.

We decluttered some things, took a load to the op shop and bought some things home with us (lol!)

The kids enjoyed a fondue set up (diabetic friendly of course!) and Zippi played with creating earrings out of polymer clay.

We read about the arrival of the Dutch to America, about the Separatists and about the Puritans in the New World.

We received a lovely surprise package from the Small Props Team and it was a 1954 Royal Tour Filmettes strip. Zeeki looked at it on his light box and discovered some of the pictures were of Fijian chiefs! You can watch our video about that HERE.

We continued on with Math U See and the kids also wrote out some reflective writing pieces.

Zippi sewed up a doona cover for herself out of 2 old flat sheets. It even had button holes!

We read Walt Whitman poetry aloud in the tea house of the Japanese Gardens.

And more things too. So, all that shared with you to give you a little behind the scenes glimpse into our life and learning. I hope by sharing this you can see that learning and life are inseparable. And on those days you think you're not doing enough, I encourage you to look back over your photos, your calendar and the things you share with others. You'll probably find that there are little learning moments scattered throughout even the hardest/more exhausting of seasons. Big love sent your way, Lusi x

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