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November 26, 2011 National Home Education Week The words below are from a post I created on an old blog back in November 2011. I was quoting Beverley Paine's words from an online homeschooling conference that had just been held. I actually don't remember attending this which isn't surprising since I had a 2 month old at the time. Anyway, this post was a mix of my notes that I took with my photos added.

"This past week was National Home Education Week! I thought I would share some of the notes I took down that I loved. {Credit given to Beverley Paine for all notes with an asterisk here that were shared in that conference :} * The world is your classroom!

{Zippi with one of the goats at a farm we visited} "I never teach my pupils....I only attempt to provide the conditions in which they can learn" - Albert Einstein

Some of the Benefits of Home Education:

* Witnessing the joy of discovery & the thrill of investigation

{Making cornflour slime}

* The wonder of 'Ah ha! ' moments

{The wonder and awe of seeing tall towers in the middle of Sydney}

* Developing close enduring friendships with your children

{Enjoying one on one date nights out with our kiddos}

* Enjoying successful learning outcomes

"Education is not preparation for life, education is life itself" - John Dewey

Some Long Term Goals of Home Education may include:

* Development of desirable character traits * Building self confidence based on a realistic sense of self

{Liji gaining confidence in his swimming skills}

* Citizenship awareness and skills * Healthy habits that promote well being

{Daily chores are just a part of being a team at our place; working together for the common good of the whole family}

* Effective communication skills

{Stassi & my mum sharing a special chat and cuddle}

* Effective problem solving skills * A well developed sense of community service * Spiritual fulfilment

{Our children LOVE celebrating the Feasts with us. This was taken at our friends house during the Feast of Tabernacles}

* Strong work ethic

{The boys using their new tool kit recently; learning how to assemble a coffee table with dad}

* A sense of fun and ability to play * Develop strong personal friendships within the family

{Seeing our children learning to relate to one another in a healthy way is one of the biggest joys I get with homeschooling. Of course there are still fights (they are siblings after all!) but they really are friends now too which I think is really special}

...and with others too. * Participation & enjoyment of creative endeavours

{Painting in the park}

* Demonstration of respect for all life and the environment

{Horse riding together}

I loved this quote too: " You are not limited to six hours a day of instruction time; you have ALL day and ALL weekend, 52 weeks of EVERY year!" The other part of the online conference that I jotted down a few notes from was about recording. Why Record? * Helps our memory * Celebrates learning * Provides a springboard for further investigation * Also gives proof of learning

What to Record? * Samples demonstrating progress * Best work, developmental milestones & new abilities (rather than every single little thing!) * Children's questions & insights * Photos of art, technology, projects & excursions * Reading logs * Children's reflections in the form of a diary (I often just get them to dictate their reflections to me and I type them into a word document. Sometimes they draw a picture to go along with their written reflections) Anyway, I really enjoyed the talk I listened in on." Memories! More another time, Lusi x

PS: I have been inspired by Beverley's words for a long time now. Beverley (with her daughter April Jermey and long time homeschooler Tamara Kidd) is still creating resources for Australian homeschoolers. Check out their new products HERE.

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