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"Where can I find homeschooling resources?"

This is one of the most common questions I'm asked in my homeschooling consult sessions.

People want the names of quality resources that they can use WITHOUT wasting their money, time and energy. I understand this completely and it's why I've tried my hardest to help homeschooling families in our community over the years. In this blog series, I'll be sharing the names and links to various resources that we have used over the past 13 years of homeschooling (and will probably link to some that I haven't used but have heard great things about). Some will be affiliate links (you can read our affiliate disclosure statement HERE) whilst others are ones I just love raving about ;) From time to time I'll link you to a review of a product done by another homeschooler for you to read through too.

Before I start there series though, I encourage you to download OUR FREE PDF 'HELP! I'M HOMESCHOOLING MY KIDS!' which will help you make your start on gathering your resources. Knowing your child well is ABSOLUTELY the first step in working out which resources will work best for you so please make sure you take a moment to fill out that page.

Starting with the knowledge of your child's interests is going to make this whole journey more enjoyable for you and for your child. No one wants learning to feel like pulling teeth so kick off with your child's interests. Having the space and time to allow learning to develop around their interests is a GIFT you are able to give to your child. Why make them write out passages of meaningless copy work when they could write out a copy work page about Minecraft or Lego or their favourite NBA player?

Start with their interest and allow the learning to take shape around that.


1. Start with their interests.

2. Make a list of the ways they spend their time, what they watch, what they listen to. Use these things to cover key learning areas.

3. Write out your overall goal for homeschooling. This is crucial for you to come back to.

More soon,

Lusi x

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