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I think it's a valid question (and one Brett has asked me as well as me asking it of myself). If I committed to starting up the website, what was it that I wanted to achieve aside from the obvious (venting and writing which I do find cathartic anyway).

I am going to be upfront and honest. It's always the best way right? I'm hoping I can share some thoughts and feels about the years we've invested doing this. I'm asked often by new-to-the-homeschool-journey peeps if I could share with them and honestly, sometimes it's a bit hard to think of everything off the top of my head that I'd like to share. Trying to organise my thoughts succinctly is kind of essential when you're trying NOT to overwhelm newbie homeschooling parents and I don't want to seem like I'm just talking AT people.

SO...I thought it would be helpful to write and share things here OVER TIME that I can get down in order and have a central place I can point people towards who ask me about our homeschooling journey.

I also want to be able to offer up a few products (which I hope will help both OTHER families and OURS too) which we've found useful over the years. I'm currently offering up our first product which is a templates bundle of T W E N T Y templates for just $15! CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE!

I'm also offering up freebies to people, will keep you up to date with places I'm presenting/speaking at and hope to connect others up in the #australianhomeschooling community.

If you haven't already, drop your deets in HERE to join our mailing list so we can keep you up to date with all the things ;)

Ok, I have 3 teens in one room right now currently running an online trivia night for the local youth council and 2 younger ones keen for another chapter of our Black Beauty read aloud. Isn't that a great book?!

Big love,

Lusi x

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