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Lapbooks are little mini books held together and displayed in a folder on a topic or unit.

Lapbooks are a great activity . Why?

* You can print off the mini books and let your kids choose to do one activity at a time or to smash out the whole lapbook at once.

* You can incorporate research skills or they can do copy work to fill in the ‘information’ sections.

* Kids feel like they have agency over how they present their mini book. You can let them choose or for kiddos who need a little more guidance, you can make one alongside them and they can copy the placement.

* There’s opportunity to colour or paint. Many kiddos love a chance to get creative.

* The moveable parts in many mini books keep little hands busy.

* Many lapbooks are free! And there are lapbooks on almost every subject you can think of!

Here was one my kiddos did a few years ago on Vikings.

And another on Black Beauty after we had read it aloud together:

And the inside:

We have done lapbooks on the human body and health in general:

We've also done lapbooks on:

* Robinson Crusoe * Little House on the Prairie * The Tudors * Shakespeare * Australian currency and lots of others!

If lapbooks don't quite work for you, you might like the Download N Go unit series. One of the first mini units we did was Amelia Earhart . I've recently seen Mandy Adams' Learning And Journaling studies too and they look great.

I hope this might help explain a little about why lapbooks have been a great little learning activity in our homeschool. Do you use lapbooks? Which ones have been your favourite?

More soon, Lusi x

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