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Homeschoolers often speak about the benefits of following your child's interests but can we talk for a second about following our OWN interests too?!

Yep this might be a little controversial but I'm going to talk about the importance of having our own interests in this post. It's important to me to have my own interests because I am a whole person! Yes I am a mum and wife and homeschooler but before I was any of those things I was (and still am!) a whole person. I have to be intentional about caring for myself just like Brett and I are intentional about nurturing our marriage or our faith. These things take time, patience and diligence. And so does taking care of my passions and interests too.

It's not always easy to do it and in some ways it's a privilege to be able to take some time for myself when I can but I'm not even talking about leaving the house here! I'm talking about taking time to take a shower. Reading a book from the library. Taking time to listen to some music you want to listen to. Enjoying a slow morning. Going for a walk by yourself if someone can mind the kids.

As time has passed and seasons have changed here, so too have our schedules and needs. During these past few years of chronic illness, I've taken time to write, illustrate and publish a children's book. I have recently had my editor read over a novella that I've also been working on and I am also working hard on a stage play. Writing blog posts is also a creative outlet in some ways for me.

For some people I know, attending a dance class or a cooking class once a week is their outlet. Others might not be able to leave their home to go to a fancy restaurant but they might be able to get takeaway-in once a month. You might not be able to go to an art gallery anymore but you might decide to take a virtual tour of one instead. You might not be able to afford to join a gym but you might look up an exercise class on YouTube to join instead.

Following your own interests is just as important as our kids following theirs!

At the moment, my Miss 13 is loving stationery, writing to her pen pals and sewing up new things. My Mr 11 is building with K'Nex and learning how to operate the Lego Boost app.

I've never had a green thumb but I've been enjoying spending some time harvesting vegetables.

Here are a few photos from around here:

Encouraging your children to find and follow their interests at a young age will help them to become adults who hopefully value and prioritise this as part of their positive mental health.

Here are some lovely Outschool* Classes that we are interested in for our family:

Lego Group This is the group that my Mr 11 has just joined. He has already participated in a challenge this week and has posted his own photos (with a bit of guidance).

We couldn't find a Lego Boost Class or Group so we sent a request to Outschool. I love that you can do this! It was as simple as writing a few sentences about the kind of class he is after and specifying Zeeki's age. I love that Outschool are always looking to offer new things so we will check back to see if Lego Boost gets added to the list of classes and groups.

If you are keen to try Outschool for the first time, use the code THL20 at the checkout and you'll get $20USD off.

* I am proud to share Outschool as an Australian Brand Ambassador. I do get paid by Outschool but I only share brands and products I am happy to use myself or that I am happy for my children to use. Outschool is a safe and reliable platform and we are loving using it.

So go and take a little time for yourself and model to your kiddos that it is good and healthy for YOU to follow your own interests too!

More soon,

Lusi x

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