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I have a post HERE about the first day of our school but I haven't yet written about the winding down of the homeschooling year. This might be because everyone is just tired or maybe it's because it's not all that exciting to be honest. Still, it deserves a post! Other than the things listed below, we usually fill out our days with unschooling style activities based on the kiddos interests. Zeeki will usually have a building/lego project on the go and Zippi will usually have a craft project she is working on.

Because we don't observe Christmas (we remember the birth of Jesus during the Feast of Tabernacles usually around October - more on that maybe another time) we are probably a little less busy than most. There's still lots on though!

Here's a look at how we usually end out our year.

1. I revisit our printed Stage Outcomes at the beginning of the last term to see if there is anything that we agree we really want to/need to cover before the year is out.

Example: One of the things for us was a unit on Ancient Greece for Zip. I printed off a sheet of things Zip and I agreed would be good to cover (roles in Ancient Greek society, development of the alphabet, myths legends and religion, women and children in Ancient Greek society, structure of government and a few other things). She then used those prompts to guide her research and away she went. It took her about 2 weeks on and off to research and read up on Ancient Greece and then she wrote up a page on each point. We went over summarising and referencing and she did so well on both counts.

2. We usually try and finish our current read aloud.

Example: We are almost finished Home to Mother but we will keep on reading our Devotional and our Annie read aloud through the summer holidays.

3. We cull/reorganise the learning room.

Example: This is our current project. We have lots of resources we aren't using and will need to pass on to others. This really helps too with keeping mess to a minimum during the holidays when we will most likely have more friends visit. It gives space for more creativity to occur, more games to be played and less 'stock' to have to manage during these hotter months. I let go of resources that we just won't get to and replenish supplies if needed.

4. We get out and about more.

Example: When my body is up to it, I'll try and take the kids to the pool or go for a walk for an ice cream together. Love walking after dinner and these months are perfect for this kind of activity. We also enjoy getting to catch up with friends if possible. We will try and support our friends' kiddos in their end of year concerts etc. We often have little events to attend for our own kiddos' activities as they wind down for the calendar year.

5. I prepare for the coming year of learning.

Example: Early next year I am up for rego renewal so that means at the end of this year, I make sure our learning diary is up to date (I retrospectively record so I am usually playing catchup!), the kid's learning portfolios are in some semblance of order and I have made our plans for the coming 2 years of learning.

Somewhere between the end of the year and early next year we also enjoy a Family Party Day celebration. Sometimes this has just been at home but other years we have gone out as a family to do something fun: bowling, go karting, go out for dinner. We usually discuss our year's highlights and will often read back through our monthly gratitude sheets (I should do a post about those too lol). Well, however you spend the end of your year, I hope it is going well for you. I hope you are able to get some time to take stock, to reflect and restore as your year winds down.

More soon,

Lusi x

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