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Zero to homeschool is a course that I believe every new

homeschooler should invest in.

Ok. I will say upfront here that I don't endorse things I have either not tried or don't believe in. I've taken this course for myself and I LOVE IT! For the sake of transparency, I am getting something for the sale of each course if you book from this blog post (which goes directly into supporting my own kiddos' learning adventures - so thank you if you do).

Now that being said, I can tell you unreservedly that I wish this course had been around when I first started homeschooling because I have NEVER found a more comprehensive and helpful guide for Australian homeschoolers set out in a contemporary way with links, print outs and videos to walk you through each step of the journey.

It's absolutely fantastic!

If you're in need of practical, pro tips from someone who has been there or even if you're just curious about what homeschooling can look like, then Zero to Homeschool is your course!

If you're keen to read what others have said about this course too, you can click HERE to read.

What I loved from the outset is the layout of this course. Modern graphics and colours, easy to navigate sections, clear concise paragraphs of information are all presented with easy to understand language and terms.

You can see this just in the screenshot below of the 'Welcome' page. You have a welcome video message from Kelly (which really kicks this off with a personal touch) and then straight under that are links to the Zero to Homeschool workbook and Zero to Homeschool Checklists. These, on their own, are an incredible asset to your planning for your homeschool and for keeping you on track.

(Screenshot of the 'Welcome' page)

I also like that each module or unit is set out with numbers so you know what's coming next and you can see what you've already covered. There is a great PROGRESS circle so you can see how much you have covered and how much you have to go. This is helpful for VISUAL LEARNERS like me ;)

I was able to take this over several sessions of sitting down and having to go and tend to children..(because kids and life!). I was really impressed that when I came back, the course remembered exactly where I was up to; none of my progress was lost and I was exactly where I needed to be. Phew!

(The progress circle is a great reminder that you are getting through)

As a parent, I was reading, watching, listening, learning and doing! I'm not great with just reading something or just watching a video either (I tend to lose interest too quickly). I love that the Zero to Homeschool course really takes us parents on a journey of learning too and incorporates different learning styles in the delivery of information.

At the end of many of the pages, there are tasks or ideas for you to do/think about. I really like this because it's one thing to read about a topic but these prompts help you to really think about how they might be incorporated or tailored into your homeschool. These tasks and the recap at the end of each module definitely help to cement the concepts covered.

I guess this could have also gone under the heading of 'layout' but I loved these so much that I thought I'd give them their own little plug ;) As I mentioned, I tend to get bored or begin to procrastinate (can you say #thirdcoffee) if there is too much information to take in at once. I get squirmy in my seat just staring at the screen and have to re-read the same line over and over again before giving up and walking away. So I REALLY appreciated the inclusion of poignant colourful visuals to break up big chunks of info and the fact that each page was not too long.

(Colourful visuals helped to keep me engaged and inspired)

Kelly uses the perfect amount of humour, real examples and provides a plethora of

external links throughout the course. I always appreciate knowing how an idea can look in real terms and Kelly takes you through this. I especially loved this in the section about socialisation. You can check that out in Module 7. Amongst the real life examples Kelly also includes helpful practical considerations at the grassroots level in authentic and tangible ways.

Need to find a local homeschool group? There's a link for that!

Never taken a personality assessment that could really help you unlock an understanding of yourself or your child? There's a link for that!

Need lists of resources? You guessed it - that and SO MUCH MORE is included too!

It honestly felt like I had a personal coach sitting next to me as I was reading through the Zero to Homeschool course, someone cheering me on. After so many years of homeschooling, I do still find I need a little encouragement and affirmation along the way and I felt exactly that as I worked my way through each part of the course.

(Grab a cuppa. Settle in. Work through the content at your own pace)

What will be covered in the Zero to Homeschool course? Great question. There are eight modules plus 3 bonus workshops all included!

Module 1:

Introduction to deschooling

Module 2:

Knowing yourself and your family

Module 3:

Homeschooling styles and resources

Module 4:

Planning your homeschool

Module 5:

Your learning environment

Module 6:

Juggling homelife and homeschooling

Module 7:

Yes, homeschoolers are socialised!

Module 8:

Homeschool review and assessment (ie: record keeping)

PLUS 3 BONUS WORKSHOPS including one on how to deal with homeschooling work refusal.

Here are some random thoughts of things that stood out for me from this amazing collection of modules.

Module 1:

I love the definition of deschooling Kelly gives, debunking common homeschooling misbeliefs as we are prompted to walk through our own school experiences. The workbook and checklists are AMAZING!

Module 2:

The special needs section with links and discussion about family values and how to create a mission statement really stood out to me.

(Ideas are a-plenty and practical too!)

Module 3:

I wish everyone could read this section before they purchase unnecessary curriculum. So helpful to read about homeschool styles and how to build a strong foundation for your homeschool.

Module 4:

Kelly brings attention to the value of regular rhythms rather than stifling schedules and I absolutely agree with this. You'll have the chance to look at different types of daily and weekly rhythms, taking into account all of the activities pertinent to you and your family. I also loved the inclusion of the blank calendar templates - hours saved on the internet trying to find something useful like this! I really enjoyed reading Kelly's honest thoughts on her family's evolution of programming.

Module 5:

Weighing up the pros and cons of having a dedicated learning room or learning space was a great read in this module. I love how Kelly also took a detailed walk through ways in which the whole house can be used for learning, giving specific examples of tools and resources in each room. So helpful! The focus on having a supportive family atmosphere is crucial.

Module 6:

Looking at strengths and weaknesses in parenting, thinking about housework and decision fatigue were all stand outs for me in this module. 'Childism' was not a term I was familiar with before this module but after reading about it here, it was something I've definitely discussed in the past. Prompts around this were helpful in revisiting this idea (sans the guilt!).

Module 7:

This was another specific module that I wished I read years ago. I was inspired by the ideas for forming a homeschool group and the group activities that were shared here. Ever dreamed of designing your ideal homeschool group or co-op? This module is for you!

Module 8:

Such fantastic and practical ideas for record keeping, dealing with 'the grind' of daily life and ultimately, making homeschool sustainable. This is such an important factor for the long-term homeschool journey.

I get it. The last thing you want to invest in is money for no end gain, right?!

I've honestly been sitting here thinking about how to make this more balanced by including some sort of 'con' or downside to this course. But honestly? I can't think of anything. There's A LOT of information covered in this course but I don't see how that could be overwhelming since you have all the power in your hands to work through at your own pace.

There's honestly nothing that stands out to me that should be changed, looks like it isn't value for money or is a waste of your time. In fact, I can see how NOT purchasing this course could waste your time, resources and money.

I feel that Zero To Homeschool is worth SO much more than the cost of this course.

In the past 2 months I've signed up for two 'free' email courses that I found on the internet that in the end gave me hardly any new ideas and wanted me to sign up to something else by paying hundred of dollars for more content. I loathe that kind of thing! It makes me feel duped! Zero to Homeschool is the exact opposite to this! There is quantity and quality of information.


I have not seen any other course on the internet (Australian or otherwise) that gives you the amazing balance of fact, inspiration, options, resources, affirmation, anecdotal stories and pro tips all in one modern, guided and interactive format. I can not see how anyone could be disappointed with this amazing resource at their fingertips.

"Home school is like a choose your own adventure novel" - Kelly George.

In my opinion, Zero to Homeschool gives you the skills and confidence to not only begin the journey but to write each chapter all the way through to the end of your family's amazing story of learning together.

Happy learning,

Lusi x

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