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Consultancy and Coaching


Why choose to have a consult or coaching session with Lusi?

"I've been there at the start of it all, feeling overwhelmed but knowing (at least hoping) that we were making the right call to homeschool.


Now, that decision to homeschool was made over 15 years ago and we have had 5 kiddos be full-time homeschooled until our eldest three became our graduates!


One is working full time in an Apprenticeship in joinery and carpentry, another is working full time and is an Apprentice Chef while the third is working as an assistant librarian and is completing her BA of Librarianship and Corporate Information Management. All 3 have received their certificates of completion for Year 10.


We are eclectic homeschoolers with a bent towards unschooling and love seeing our children's passions and character develop over time.


I'd love to help you along YOUR journey!" - Lusi 


I'm lusi

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Needing a one-time consult with an experienced homeschooler? Lusi is happy to offer you this service. Helping tailor a way to make homeschooling a part of your life is Lusi's passion. This service is helpful for those new to homeschooling as well as to those in need of fresh ideas and inspiration from a long-time homeschooler of five children. Lusi is also happy to help provide ideas for navigating neurodiversity within your homeschool too.

"Thank you so much for your wonderful knowledge and information re our inquiries into homeschooling. Your many years of experience shows strongly and we were totally inspired to give homeschooling a go.

We also felt that we could call on you for more advice and support if needed"

Thanks again."

- Simone

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It's great to have a plan in place but what happens once you begin homeschooling and want to chat things through with a real person who has been there? Lusi offers homeschool coaching to parents in need of new ideas, a sounding board or a safe person to check in with at regular intervals. You might like to book in a coaching session as frequently as you need: once a month or once every three months- the choice is yours. Lusi is ready to assist you in making your plans stick.

"Lusi coaches with compassion, intelligence, and much experience. The way she approaches our appointments demonstrates an understanding that no two homeschool families will look the same.  Lusi tailors our coaching sessions according to what she knows of us and our children, and what we have told her we currently need. I always feel inspired by her guiding questions and suggestions, and each time I leave feeling hopeful and with practical take-aways."

- Rachel 

Rates & Service

Lusi consults and coaches at a rate of $100 per hour. If you book and pay for 4 consulting or coaching sessions up front, you will receive one FREE hour consult/coaching. 

This rate includes emails to arrange the best consulting time, a video call for the hour and a PDF of notes and or suggestions for you to follow up on. This helps to cement ideas discussed in the session or ways to action change.

To book in a consult or coaching session with Lusi, email her here:

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