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Hey there! Are you homeschooling in Australia?
I'm so glad you're here!

Are you brand new to the journey of Australian homeschooling? Or have you been going for a while and need something extra? We all need encouragement, support and refreshment from time to time! That's why I'm so glad you found me!

Here I share resources, printables & blog posts to help make your life easier.

May you leave here feeling more human and hopefully with a bit of inspiration under your belt! Need to work out how to create your own homeschool? Sign up to our course and I'll walk you through each step of the way! 

Hi! I'm Lusi and I've been homeschooling our 5 kiddos for the past 15 years. We are in our 16th year of our homeschooling journey now. My hubby Brett and I have 3 homeschool graduates. 

Our two youngest are still learning at home each day.

We believed that if we could pass on a LOVE of learning to our kids and show them HOW to learn, then they could learn almost anything throughout their life.

For us, relationships have been of the most importance.


Here I share how we lived as a family with faith, community and character development at the core of our family values.


Our family is neurodivergent. I am also homeschooling with chronic illness. We make it work for us and I am passionate about helping YOU make your homeschool work for YOU and YOUR FAMILY! 

When we first started our journey, I wasn't very internet-savvy. I probably could have found and connected with other homeschoolers who had already launched out on this journey into what felt like the great-unknown at that time. Some days felt quite lonely until I came across others who were willing to write about their journey.


I'm really passionate about sharing homeschooling resources with others homeschooling in Australia. I am ready to answer questions like 'how do you socialise your homeschooled kids?' or 'how do homeschooled kids get into University?' 


Over the years people have asked me to share our homeschool room ideas or have asked for templates and tips that have helped to make our journey that little bit easier. 

So if you have come here for any other these reasons (or others!)


I hope you'll sit down with a cuppa and feel right at home among the perfect imperfection of our lives x

Lusi Austin is a proud contributor to Simple Homeschool

Simple Homeschool

Lusi is a new member of the Simple Homeschool team and enjoys writing blog posts that are shared across the world with the Simple Homeschool community. 

Lusi Austin Presenter Australian Homeschool Summit 2020-2022

Australian Homeschooling Summit

Lusi has been a presenter at the Australian Homeschool Summit in the past. She highly recommends this Summit to all Australian Homeschoolers

Lusi has been published by The Mighty

Writing about the importance of rituals for those with chronic illness. Mentions homeschooling in this post.

Learn about Lusi's creative project Intertwined

Lusi is currently directing and producing a play called Intertwined. You can read more about Intertwined and Lusi's other creative endeavours HERE

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